A Development Performance of TRUTH

A new folk opera about the life of Sojourner Truth
Music by Paula M. Kimper
Libretto by Talaya Delaney
Conceived and Developed by Linda McInerney

July 1st and 2nd, 2011
Reid Theatre of Deerfield Academy

Linda McInerney - Producer, Director
Lori Holmes Clark - Choreographer
Waverley Engleman - Stagemanager
Andrew Bishop - TD and Lighting Designer

Characters in order of vocal appearance:

Evelyn Harris - Isabella (Sojourner Truth)
Hala Lord - Caller, Pinkster King
John Thomas - Baumfree (Isabella’s Father) and Frederick Douglass
Lisa Woods - Elizabeth Doumont and Maria Von Wagenen
Nazira Bashour - Kate (Elizabeth’s Servant)
Chandler Atkinson - Getty Doumont
Alan Schneider - John Dumont, Issac Von Wagenen, Judge, William Lloyd Garrison
Adwoa Bonney - Peter
Nick Simms - Lawyer Romeyn
Laurel Turk - Solomon Gidney

Chorus: Khalia Arond, Chandler Atkinson, Nazira Bashour, Cathy Bennett, Adwoa Bonney, Joojo Bonney, Kodwo Bonney, Richmond Bonney, Lynne Brill, Joan Haley, Jockie Hebert, BJ Jackson, Hala Lord, Maureen McElligott, Dorien Miller, Nick Simms, Charmaine Sutton, Laurel Turk, Elaine Walker, Jim Walker, Meredyth Ward 

Clifton Noble - Music Director, Piano
Tony Vacca - Percussion
Lynn Sussman - Clarinet

Prologue: Ulster County, New York; John Dumont’s Farm
Scene 1: 1817 A Proclamation
Scene 2: 1825 The Dumont House
Scene 3: 1826 One Year Later - Harvest Time
Scene 4: 1826 The Walk to Freedom
Scene 5: 1827 The Trial
Scene 6: Later that day/Pinkster King
Scene 1 : 1845 Northampton
Finale: 1882 Going Home

Filmed and Edited by North Quabbin Productions

And this was the Pinkster we attended in May, 2011


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